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Dam Effzett Seducer 18cm

Dam Effzett Seducer 18cm


When D.A.M. developed the EFFZETT® Pike Seducer they wanted to make a lure that could be used in just about any situation and condition. In that, they succeeded. Due to its strong rolling action and the aggressively moving tail the Pike Seducer even attracts the attention of passive Pike. The super-sharp EFFZETT® treble easily grabs hold safely and the added swivel prevents the hook from being pulled out when the fish is turning or shaking its head.

Trolling:The trolling version is deliberately made a bit heavier, to make it suitable for trolling in deep waters. The extra weight provides extra stability on the swim, and this combination of stability and the higher sink rate makes this lure also extremely effective in fast running rivers.


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