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Delfin Stikling Spoon

Delfin Stikling Spoon


Many places in Norway sticklebacks are abundant in both fresh- and saltwater – and big trout’s love to feed on them. As the Norwegian name suggest, Stikling is made to mimic sticklebacks and other small baitfish. When designing this lure, Arnulf Hoff shaped a back that works a little like a keel. It keeps the lure in balance and ads to the teasing side-to-side movements that no fish can resist.

  • Materials: Copper (Cu)
  • Genuine silver plating (Ag) on some models
  • Hook: Eagle Claw L374G Bronze #6 and 4
  • Designed and Developed in Norway 
  • 10gram lures are 58mm long
  • 16gral lures are 75mm long

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