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Monarch Dok TNT

Monarch Dok TNT


This is one of our oldest and definitely most successful jerk-baits. Its “blasting” name perfectly describes the effect on predators which happen to be near it. Do you find 10 cm insufficient to catch capital specimens of fish?? Actually, at several European competitions this bait was the one which disproved the thesis that only big baits catch big fish. Its seductive zigzag action and flashing hips will catch the interest of even well fed prey. It can be used with a jerk-rod or with a conventional spin-rod in various ways; slowly with long pauses or it can be run briskly. These features extend its range of use not only for catching pike and bass, but also many marine predators such as giant trevally, bluefish and little tunny. Structurally it is strong enough to withstand even the biggest specimens of these species.

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